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Properties / For sale / Commercial property / Liepāja / Kungu iela 87B

Kungu iela 87B, Liepāja

135 000 EUR225 EUR/m2

floor icon

1. Floor

area icon

1.0446 ha

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600 m2


1,0446ha wide commercial building land at 78b Kungu Street, Ezermal, Liepaja! There is a silicate brick hangar with auxiliary rooms on the plot. There is a power connection. Possibility to connect to the city water pipe and sewerage system. Type of use of the territory: ÚJDz - Waterside mixed built-up area with a residential function (100%) Maximum building density - 50%. A mixed built-up area with a residential function (JDz) is a built-up area intended for multiple mutually complementary uses, and can be used equally for both residential and service functions. 198.1. Primary authorized use: 198.1.1. a mansion; 198.1.2. semi-detached house; 198.1.3. row house; 198.1.4. low-rise apartment building; 198.1.5. multi-storey apartment building; 198.1.6. an apartment in a multifunctional public building; 198.1.7. Hotel; 198.1.8. trade and service facility; 198.1.9. cultural institution; 198.1.10. medical institution; 198.1.11. social care and rehabilitation institution; 198.1.12. sports building; 198.1.13. governing body; 198.1.14. educational institution; 198.1.15. other type of non-commercial institution. Waterside territories (ÚDT, ÚJDz, ÜL) 355. Functions related to water recreation, water sports and water transport are allowed in the waterside areas. 356. Permitted uses of waterside territories are determined in Article 6.3.2 of these regulations. in the subsection "Mixed built-up area with residential function (JDz)" or 6.6.1. in the subsection "Natural territory (DP)". 357. Additional permitted uses: 357.1. greenery, landscaping, landscape, micro-relief and canal creation, if these activities do not change the hydrological regime of the surrounding areas (level of surface water and groundwater); 357.2. infrastructure for boats and marinas and their service; 357.3. boat shelters (shelters) in the places indicated on the map of the graphic part of the Planning "Planned (permitted use) of the territory" - in accordance with of these regulations. to the requirements specified in the subsection, but in the territory of the "Lake Liepājas" nature reserve in accordance with the nature protection plan, by developing a detailed plan; 357.4. small (maximum area 25 m2) short-term trade and service objects related to recreation by the water; 357.5. pedestrian and bicycle paths, visitor parking lots, footbridges on the waterfront and in the water; 357.6. objects in water on pontoons or pile foundations. 358. Maximum building height: 358.1. waterfronts in natural areas (ÚDT) - 4 meters (except observation towers and platforms); 358.2. on the waterfront in mixed built-up areas with a residential function (ÚJDz) - in accordance with the requirements established in the mixed built-up area with a residential function (JDz); 358.3. on the water's edge in the areas of boat sheds (elins) - 6 meters. Creation of land plots: 22. The minimum area of a plot of land for construction of a new development is 600 m2, except for: 22.1. for a detached house - in accordance with Article 6.1.1 of these regulations. requirements of the subdivision; 22.2. for a terraced house – 900 m2 (300 m2 for one section); 22.3. for a low-rise multi-apartment house – 1200 m2; 22.4. for multi-storey apartment building – 2000 m2; Maximum building height: 200.3.1. in newly built areas – 5 floors; 200.3.2. in the areas of existing buildings - from 2 to 5 floors, but not exceeding the height of the existing buildings in the block by more than one floor.

Approximate fees of registration in the Land Register

Stamp duty: 2025 EUROffice duty: 21.34 EUR

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Object information

Address: Kungu iela 87B, Liepāja

Property type: Commercial property

Price: 135 000 EUR

Space: 600m2

Floor: 1

Space: 1.0446ha

Parking: Parking in the yard, parking on street, garage with a pit

Location and surroundings: close to the center, close to public transport, close to the water, close to the lake, with lake view, easily accessible

+371 27832828